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Our Shop  

Located in the former stables of the farm, our shop is open daily from 09:30 to 18:30 except Sundays and holidays.

There you will find:

Our fresh products:

Magret of duck and filet of goose during the season, chicken, cockerel, goose sausages, smoked magret and filet of goose, foie gras raw or cooked in a bowl, duck or goose legs.

Seasonal fruit: cherries, plums, pears, apples, nuts etc.

Our preparations:

Rilettes of duck or goose, duck or goose legs, half geese, rillons, duck or goose giblets etc…

Our ready-made dishes:

Goose Visé style, goose giblets, duck leg in wine, cassoulet of beans, coq au vin, couscous etc…

Our ingredients and spices:

Truffle products, salad oils of French and Italian origin, French gourmet chili, olives of Nyons, olives and their products, paste of olives, croquettes, spiced vinegars, farinaceous pastes, spelt from Mont Ventoux, lentils from Puy, lavender blossoms, all kinds of honey ...

Our preserved fruit:

Jam from fruit from our orchard: cherries, plums. Preserved fruit: cherries, pears, plums, jam from plums.

Our wines :

Large selection of sweet wines, Gaillac, Sauternes, Muscat of Romania, Italian sweet red wine, dry white wines, the red wines and champaign 100% "Grand Cru", the rosé wines.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your baskets as gift.

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