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                        The Farm d'Artagnan in the Past

In our place the "fiction" of the past joins the reality of the presence. Sometimes it is difficult to grasp the history in the schoolbooks, just as if these events never happened and represent only fiction or imagination.


Why not plunge into a time period, where our old stone walls vibrated with the sounds of the horses of the musketeers, where our region was occupied by over 40 000 men who were busy preparing the siege of Maastricht.

It was in the year 1673 when our history started and 1992 when we wished to recall the link between the south-west of France near Lupiac , origin of our first mulard-ducks and where d'Artagnan was born, and the place where he died in 1673, mortally wounded during the siege of Maastricht.

The stage is prepared, the spirit of the Musketeers present and gastronomy with the products of duck and goose can start ...