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                        The Farm d'Artagnan Today and Tomorrow...

TODAY our farm exploits different branches: our breeding, our fields of cultivation, our orchard with old species of fruit (with well sounding names and unequalled taste) and our blooming garden. To clarify, our cultures of fruit are in strict agreement with the agricultural regulations concerning the environment.

Our particularity and our force is based upon our workshop certificate (agreed for the European Economic Community) issued by AFSCA (Belgian federal agency for the safety of the food chain), which allows transformation of our poultry strictly respecting the procedures for the production in order to guarantee products that conform to the actual standards for food safety. 

Also you will find here our shop that offers to you directly our selection of fine products ...

Since a short time there is a touristic and cultural curiosity in our court: an original sculpture of d'Artagnan by Alexandre TARATYNOV, creator of the sculpture in front of the ramparts of Maastricht.

Our reputation (and that of d'Artagnan) stands for delicacy of known origin.

The farm d'Artagnan, absolute genuity of a region..

Amateurs of regional products will feel enthusiastic for our stuffed mulard-duck, known for its foie gras and the exquisiteness of its parts, for the goose as queen of gastronomy of the Lower Maas, offered fresh or prepared using traditional recipes, not to forget the excellent recipe for the goose Visé style..

Our know-how concerning quality of natural products, selection of races and their genetic characteristics, freshness of products and their mode of preservation guarantee for our products the value of authentic taste as desired by the most demanding gourmets..


In close co-operation with the Walloon Region, the agricultural services of the Province of Liège, the Office for Local Development of the community of Oupeye (ADL), the Office for Tourism of the Lower Maas, the Association of Walloon Poultry-Farmers, the Walloon Agency for the Promotion of High Quality Agriculture (APAQW), the Organism for Certification "Procervic" and the brotherhood of the Delicious Goose of Visé, for which we prepare a goose with European quality label (IGP), the "Goose of Visé".